The Event

A 6 day event, with a different type of SUP competition each day. An amazing and unique opportunity to test your SUP skills across a whole range of different disciplines, with everyone on the same gear. But everything well within the capabilities of any reasonably competent paddleboarder, and everything but the river paddle happening on the water directly out front of the resort where everyone will be staying. The aim of this week is FUN.

How Much Racing Will There Be?

The competitive part of each day would only take up a couple of hours absolute maximum (including briefings etc), this is NOT intended to be some sort of gruelling endurance marathon! There will still be plenty of time in the schedule for sunbathing, loafing, free paddling, free surfing, hanging out, and all the other trips on offer from the resort; snorkelling, diving, spear-fishing, shark-watching, game fishing, whale watching etc. Race training, coaching and practice can also be included if people want it.

What Sort Of Racing Will We Do?

The racing schedule will include:

Nothing will be beyond the technical capabilities of any intermediate paddler though. Each day’s event will have points on offer, to go to the overall placings and trophies.

The Board

Red Paddle Co NZ is very kindly sponsoring these events with a fleet of Voyager 13'2s, the perfect board for this challenge. Fast, yet stable (30" wide) and easy to paddle, it's a super versatile platform that you're just going to love racing on. Yes, it's an inflatable, but that means its indestructible, and rest assured that it delivers plenty of performance. (We don't yet have any pix of the board in action in Fiji, but this pic shows the fleet in use at the Pear Tree Paddle St Patricks Day race this year!)

The Red Paddle Co 13'2 Explorer board in action

And In The Evenings?

The event will have a full social calendar too, including an opening night, a ‘black tie ball’, cabaret night (if everyone is up for it!), and of course a prizegiving.