Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

Clothing:Pretty much all you will need on the water is a rash top to keep off the sun, and shorts. We strongly recommend that you have some sort of upper body covering as protection against sun.

Feet: Reef walkers (light neoprene shoes) are a must, as it's pretty shallow in many places

Wetsuits? Really not necessary - you'll overheat, and they soon start to chafe.

Sun protection: A sunhat and sunglasses will be vital.

Prescription glasses? If you need to wear glasses please ensure you have a SpecSaver or something similar to secure them.

Change of clothes and a towel: While none of the challenges will specifically require swimming, there is always a risk of getting wet when engaging in water sports!

Buoyancy Aids: If you have a PFD that you are comfortable wearing then please feel free to bring it along - particularly if you prefer to have the reassurance of permanent extra buoyancy should you fall in. However, they will not be compulsory for the events.

Your sense of humour: Vital. There's going to be a whole lot of fun happening!

What about a paddle?

Paddles can be supplied but they will only be average quality general purpose paddles rather than high quality lightweight race-style paddles, so if you have your own then you are very welcome to bring it.

Can I do both weeks?

Sure, no problem with that.

Can I bring other family members/friends etc who don't want to paddle?

If the resort has the accommodation spare then you can book as many people in as you like. However, you may well need to make your own travel arrangements for them on trips, excursions, transfers etc, if there is no spare space on the vehicles organised for the main group.

Is there a minimum age for entry into the competition?

There will need to be an adult care-giver in close attendance at all times for any entrants under 16. However, other than that the boards are probably a bit big for anyone much younger than 12/13, there's no reason why youngsters shouldn't enter.

It sounds as though it’s going to be a tough event. I don’t think I’ll have the stamina...

It is absolutely not intended to be any sort of endurance test. And it’s not compulsory to go hard anyway. Cruise at your own pace. If you want to take a day off, then you go ahead - there is absolutely no mandatory requirement to go full blast!

We really aren't very experienced at paddling.

As a general test as to whether you are experienced enough to enter this competition, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Could I paddle for at least half an hour at a recreational pace, without needing a rest?
  • Can I paddle OK when the water gets a bit bumpy?
  • Can I turn the board around through 180' reasonably quickly?
If you can manage these then you'll be fine to enter. If you're not sure, why not come for the week before as well and get some coaching in first! (Or just come for that week, with the goal of doing the race next year?

I've never raced before.

Don't worry, this will be the most fun introduction to racing you could possibly imagine. Competition experience will not be important.

What will the boards be like?

Stable platforms that everyone will be able to use.

Will SUP surfing be part of the competition?

No, not as part of the official event.

Will any of the events pose signficant physical challenge?

Obviously there is always the option to paddle harder. But none of the races will require any great degree of physical strength or fitness to complete. The river paddle does involve about 3 hours of paddling, but it's extremely gentle paddling as you're going with the river, so you can sit down as much as you like and ride that way.

Are we allowed to sit a race out?

Of course! This isn't some sort of boot camp where you'll be punished for failing to complete every race. Obviously you won't score any points for that race if you don't complete it, but that will be the only cost.

Why is there a maximum of 20 participants for the Pre Week and 40 for the race week?

For the first week we want to ensure adequate instructor/client ratios. For the competition we are limited by the number of boards available.

So all the competition will be on the same boards?

Yes, including the river run.

Not sure about inflatable boards... I do actually enjoy proper SUP racing, is there any chance we can bring our own boards and have a proper race?

No. For starters, it's going to be extremely expensive to get a bunch of non-inflatable raceboards to Fiji, and chances are that they're going to take some damage along the way. Secondly, it then introduces a 'cheque book' element to the racing, as opposed to the 'one design' ethos where everyone is on the same board. Thirdly, it means people (quite understandably!) get precious about their boards. Whereas with high quality inflatables, it's just like go-kart racing; contact at the corners is really not an issue. This event is not about any of that. And don't worry, these boards are the real deal. They feel like hard boards underfoot.

Social Week or Race Week - which should I do?

Both weeks will be quite similar inasmuch as there will be a maximum of a couple of hours of structured paddleboarding stuff going on each day, and other than that you’re free to do as you please. However, the essential focus of the first week is on improving, learning, and having quality SUP time on the water in a relaxed environment, while the second week is going to be about competition. So if you’re absolutely not even remotely into being competitive, then come for the first week. Whereas if you like the idea of a bit of adrenalin, getting a bit of a sweat on, enjoying different forms of SUP racing, being part of an ongoing competition, even if you’re not too worried about where you actually finish in the rankings, then the second week will be the one for you.

Can I use social week to train for race week?


So is this an all-included package, one fee gets everything?

No. The event/pre-week organisers are not acting as travel agents. We will reserve the accommodation in your name, organise the transfers between the resort and the airport, but it will be up to you to book your own flights (we'll tell you which planes to book on to) and pay for your own accommodation, food etc.