The Pre Event Week

The week prior to the event (12-19 May) will also be a SUP activity week at the Fiji Beach House, for those wanting a more relaxed schedule, coaching, 'free paddling', or a bit of practice on the race boards

So What's The Plan?

Each day will have 2 hours dedicated to you, the clients, where our team of qualified instructors will be on hand to coach, guide, advise, discuss, instruct, or whatever else SUP-learning-related you may wish to partake of

The sessions may include some specific clinics, if there is the demand, or they may be more free form. Video coaching will be on offer. If you want to work on learning how to catch waves, the instructors will come out to the reform with you, and get you surfing. If enough people fancy a go at a race, then they'll make it happen. Or a downwinder.

Will there be a river paddle?

Yes definitely, this will happen on this week as well as the race week. (On that day there will not be a 2 hour session at the resort, as the instructors will be away doing the river run!)

And Other than in those two hours?

You're free to do whatever you like! Take advantage of the boat trips, snorkelling, all the other things the resort has to offer, or of course enjoy lots more paddling or surfing.

And In The Evenings?

There won't be any formal evening events planned for the week, but there's a high likelihood of a group evening out for a meal somewhere, bonfire on the beach, that sort of thing!