Pre/Post Event

Age and Eligibility
Paddler age class division will be determined by their age as at 1st January 2018

Disclaimer of liability
Participants enter into this event entirely at their own risk. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the event.

Team Entries
There will be NO entries on the day. Teams must register before the event, in order to allow the organisers sufficient notice to pack the appropriate number of boards, paddles, props etc. Team entries must be made via the online registration form, and entries will close on the Thursday before the event.

The organizers reserve the right to reject or cancel any entry.

Team Order
At registration, teams will be advised as to the nature of the challenges ahead. Some challenges will involve only one member of their team. Teams will then need to designate a number to each member of their team, (ie member 1, member 2, member 3, member 4), and declare these designations to the event organisers. Each team member must remain as their chosen number throughout the entire event.

Race Registration
All teams must register on the morning of the first day of the event, at the registration desk at the venue, before the race briefing. Any changes to the team line-up, from the information that had been entered on the online form, must be announced at this stage.

Each participant must sign the indemnity declaration on the Entry Form before the event. If under 18, the parent or guardian must sign.

Equipment Bond
Each team will be assigned their board, paddle and race vests at registration. Each team must sign a waiver and leave credit card details with the organisers as a bond for the equipment

Equipment Responsibility
Each team is responsible for the wellbeing of their assigned equipment during the event. This equipment must be treated with respect. Misuse resulting in any damage or loss will result in a charge to the team bond, for the repair/replacement value of the item.

Participants may use their own paddles. However, all paddles must be single bladed SUP paddles.

Race Vests
Each team will be issued with four high visibility race vests, of four different colours, one for each member of the team. Each team member must use that specific vest for each event throughout the competition. Changes are not allowed. Participants must return the vest at the end of the event. A fee will be charged for any vests lost or damaged during the weekend.

Race Briefing
The Event Safety briefing will be held at 0830 am on the first morning of the event. Within this briefing, course layout / description, event rules, safety issues and participants questions will be covered. Safety of the participants is the number one priority of the race director and the event staff.

The race director will warn the participants of any dangers that could occur and where all safety personal will be located on the course during the pre-race competitors meeting. Participants shall be mindful of the hand signals to be used if someone is injured, danger (paddle in the air, waiving or erect) or in need of help but not injured (hand in the air). All participant should be mindful with any persons that may be in danger during the course of the race and should assist or help get safety staff attention.

Official Notice Board
The official notice board will be located in the Lake House. This will be confirmed at the event briefing. These rules will be posted on the Official Notice Board. All other event information including changes to the rules or event will be posted on the official notice board.

Prize giving
The overall prize giving will take place at approx 3.15pm on the final day of the event.

During The Event

All participants are required to wear their assigned high-vis race vest in all events.

In certain specific challenges, a SUP leash must be worn. Participants will be advised beforehand which events will require this.

All participants are responsible for their own well-being during the event, and to maintain specific hydration and nutrition to help prevent fatigue.

If a participant is unable to complete a challenge it is their responsibility to inform the event and safety staff immediately.

If a participant is not comfortable with the conditions, environment or nature of any specific challenge, it is their own responsibility to make the decision as to whether or not to participate.

All participants are expected to participate in the spirit of the event. Participants will be disqualified or lose points if seen to use unnecessary pushing, shoving, unfair or inappropriate tactics, in the opinion of the race organisers. Violations include but are not limited to:

Racing interference and/or unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed. Specifically:

Violations of the rules and/or unsportsmanlike conduct by a participant may result in:

All decisions of the event director will be final.

Warm ups or practice paddling are not allowed on any active course during a challenge.

Participants must promptly clear the water when directed by event management.

Competitors must follow the designated set course, to be manned by water marshals and rescue staff.

No extraneous aids are allowed, unless specifically stated by the organisers. This includes, but is not limited to swim fins, engines, wind catching devices [i.e.: sails, baggy clothing, etc.] or additional support teams.

Wetsuits and hats (sun protection) are permissible.

Drafting is allowed in challenges that involve a racing scenario.

Contact between boards is allowed at turning marks. However, the contact should not be aimed or intended to knock a rider off their board.

While there will be no formal protest mechanism, if a participant feels strongly that another participant has behaved outside of the spirit of the event and/or deliberately broken the rules, and has witnesses to this act, they may bring it to the attention of the organisers, who will make a ruling thereof, based on the significance of the action and its consequences, fairness and sportsmanship criteria.

Event officials shall have the ultimate and final authority to remove a participant from a challenge if the participant is judged to be physically incapable of continuing the race without the risk of injury.

In the event of a challenge exceeding its time limit, an overall halt will be called. Any participants not finished at this time will receive equal points.